Did You Know?

Middles are a vanishing breed. There are around 70 million middles in the U.S today, but the average number of children per family now hovers around two.

Middleborns receive less financial and emotional support from parents, yet are far less likely than their siblings to be in therapy, get divorced or be neurotic.

In a recent study, only 10 percent of middles said they feel close to their parents. As teens, middles are often stubbornly independent and seem withdrawn, yet they become great managers and team players as adults.

Until now, It’s been a mystery how middles parent—but two new studies undertaken for this book reveal that while middles are authoritarian parents, contrary to expectations, they’re also more permissive than firsts and lasts.

Middles’ careers tend to be motivated by the search for justice and personal fulfillment rather than wealth—and they’re more likely to be arrested than firstborns!

Far from being embittered wallflowers, middle children are chameleons, peace-makers, socializers, innovators and great mediators.